Zuku Satellite TV is Finally here

January had just begun and rumor had it that there was a new satellite TV on the way, but as time went by, people started becoming impatient of waiting. Why would anyone be impatient for a product  that they were to buy? That was the question in most of the staff at Wanainchi company, which is the home of Zuku satellite TV.

To answer the above question we will have to remember that in Kenya there has been a history of satellite TV providers reaping off the general public who were unaware of what was happening. As a result of being coned, many people absconded from paying their monthly subscription fee and some even removed the dishes from their roof tops. This was one of the reasons why zuku TV was introduced to the market, because it is said that zuku satellite TV is a savior to the satellite lovers who had been disappointed by the vast number of satellite TV providers.

After the long wait people were seriously complaining asking zuku to release the product to the market. But Zuku kept it longer because they had to be sure that the product will satisfy Kenyans and that everything was in place. When the selling rolled out the stocks almost ran out and as a result Zuku had to order for more. This has been the trend ever since.

The channels are crystal clear and are captivating to watch. Everything is covered in terms of entertainment, news, lifestyle, and discovery channels. This has led many people to be glued to their TV sets during their leisure times. Indian channels like Zee TV, Zing Cinema will always captivate anyone. This simply means that Zuku satellite TV is the best thing anyone in Kenya should have at this particular time.

As I mentioned earlier, the cost of the full kit plus its installation has a lot to do with the number of people streaming at zuku dealers shops to get their kits. The cost has been minimized so that the low income earners can easily be in possession  of the dish and decoder.

zuku decoder

For 6600 Kenyan shillings you get the full kit fully installed at your place of residence plus one month full subscription of 60 plus channels which are well selected. This is what most people have come to term as having the people at heart. Kenyans of all financial levels can afford the dish and decoder.

The deal does not end there because the former GTV subscribers have a take in it too. Those in possession of a GTV decoder will just pay 3000 shillings when surrendering  their previous decoders in exchange of a brand new Zuku decoder. In reality, the decoder is free, but you need to pay subscription fee plus installation cost. Amazing! isn’t it?.